Friday, August 27, 2010

Go Cowboys!

Week one at McNeese State University is complete. My week was fairly uneventful. Class, job searching (which has been unsuccessful so far), and an attempt to get involved. There are lots of nice people here, and I am excited for my new journey; however, it doesn't make me miss my friends any less. I may be biased, but.. my friends are better than yours. : )

I miss you guys!
It has also been nice to given the opportunity to spend so much time with my older sister, and I am grateful that she is letting me live with her this semester. I still feel like I am just visiting though.. I cannot say that am at the house; I always say I am at Becky's house. But other than that, I am transitioning quite nicely.

Expect more updates in the future about my journey as a cowboy.


1 comment:

    So happy you are transitioning well my dear.Been thinking of you and praying for you daily!I know God's gonna use you insome insanely awesome ways in good ole McNeese,Lake Charles,Louisiana,to the ends of the earth! I heart you and can't wait to visit ya!