Saturday, July 11, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

So.. I feel like I haven't written here in forever. I have been so busy.

I went to the beach (twice). And it was beautiful as always. My friend Mary was able to join me on week two (I like your ball cap) : ) We were there for the fourth of July, and got to see fireworks on the beach. It is one of my favorite things to do see; however, in my book nothing can outdo the stars.

Then I went to Orientation at LSU. I am a tiger (with a schedule)!! I made a new friend, and she seems pretty cool.(She plays the flute) We are going to pilates together next semester. (Yay for being fit!!) I am so excited for next year.

On Monday I leave (with my sister) for Cross Camp 2009!!!!!!! This is by far the most anticipated week of the entire summer. Being with some of my favorite people, and learning/ growing more about my Savior.

Then only July 27 Rebecca Griggs, Jessica Williamson, Sydney Lengefeld, Walter Jackson, Jordy Barksdale, Garrison Griffith, and myself are headed to Haiti!! It is finally here. This experience is going to be so incredibile. And I will get to play with pretty Haitians all day. : )

Once I return from Haiti. I will have 10 days to pack and get everything ready because I am moving out! Yikes! I am a big girl now...

So there is a brief summer update.