Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have been reading Radical by David Platt thanks to my good friend Amber Moore. That book will rock your world if you let it. It has given me a new outlook, and reminded me my purpose. Here are a few quotes that I liked:

"Disciple making is not a call for others to come and hear the gospel, but a command for us to go to others and share the gospel."

"We can rest confident  in the fact that nothing will happen to us in this world apart from the gracious will of a sovereign God. Nothing."

"You're life is free to be radical when you see death as a reward."

"When we risk our lives to run after Christ, we discover that safety is only found in his sovereignty, the security that is found only in his love, and the satisfaction that is found only in his presence. This is the eternally great reward, and we would be foolish to settle for anything less."

"Sacrifice is not giving according to your ability; it's giving beyond your ability."

Friday, August 27, 2010

Go Cowboys!

Week one at McNeese State University is complete. My week was fairly uneventful. Class, job searching (which has been unsuccessful so far), and an attempt to get involved. There are lots of nice people here, and I am excited for my new journey; however, it doesn't make me miss my friends any less. I may be biased, but.. my friends are better than yours. : )

I miss you guys!
It has also been nice to given the opportunity to spend so much time with my older sister, and I am grateful that she is letting me live with her this semester. I still feel like I am just visiting though.. I cannot say that am at the house; I always say I am at Becky's house. But other than that, I am transitioning quite nicely.

Expect more updates in the future about my journey as a cowboy.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Go Away Finals

As I sit here in my living room, avoiding the paper that is due in a few days I think of all the things I want to do after finals is over:

1. Clean My Room
2. Paint my toes
3. Get a snow cone
4. Apply for another job. (If it works out I will have 3 this summer)
5. Read for fun
6. Study Creole
7. Hang out with my family
8. Go on a date with my Papaw
9. Have long talks with my sister Sarah in the car.
10. Play tennis
11. Ride my bike
12. Do nothing
13. Write for fun
14. Exercise
15. Hang out friends
16. Go swimming
17. Go the the beach
18. Go swimming at the beach

(I'll be there soon, tasty.)

19. Memorize scripture
20. By Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Book and learn how to cook healthy. : )

The list could go on, but no need to bore you. Have a good weekend my faithful readers.. If there are any.

Until a Revolution,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time for Change

I am not a very dedicated blogger. My apologies.
I have decided that it is time for change. In every aspect of my life. . I have never felt like my heart was going to explode. I felt that way this week. I have had desires to be radical. Barbaric if you will. There is so much I don't know and need to experience. The future excites me. This summer looks as if it will consist of summer school, smelly kids, and a sun tan. I look forward to it. God is big. Crazy big. And I have no idea what is REALLY in store for this summer, but I know it will be good.

Until a Revolution,

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pa Bliye Ayiti

So.. where do I even begin?

My experience in Haiti this past time was the same but different. I got to see some of my beautiful Haitian brother and sisters. but I also was able to make a few new friends as well. I brushed up on my creole, got attacked by misquitoes and a stomache virus, worshipped my Jesus in a way that I had never experienced before. It is a moment I will remember forever. My image of the church came to life.

I had to opportunity to work in Port-a-Prince for a couple of days. I met John and Beth Mchoul; they run an orphanage and a women's clinic there. They take in orphans, but there mission is to stop orphans altogether. Teach mothers how to feed, teach, and nurture thier children. Beth and John are two incredible people. Truely an inspiration to me.

I was in PAP 4 days before the Earthquake hit. 4 days. I couldn't even put in words how I felt when I found out what happened to the country that is so dear to my heart. Thankfully, everyone that I knew was okay and thier families were too. but this country had nothing before the earthquake.. and now it is below nothing. no home. no food. no water. no money. and for many no family.

It still doesn't seem real to me that this is happened. But I want to encourage you to "Pa Bliye Ayiti" or "Don't forget Haiti" Even though it isn't trendy anymore to support them and pray for them. Please continue. This country needs it. Depends on it. Help them. Souple.

There have only been two occasions that I can remember my heart actually being pain. One isn't relevant for this post, and the other is right now. My heart hurts right now. For Haiti. I am broken for this country that I have come to love so dearly. I want to be there. Helping. Loving. Serving. Sharing.

It is nights like tonight that I remember why I am here, and what I was made for.

Until a Revolution,

Friday, December 18, 2009

Mm Boy..

I leave for Haiti in 11 days! End of story.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love the Little Children

Tonight was a good night. I went to my first LSU football as a student. And it rained. A lot. But it was fun. I like rain. It makes me feel like a kid, intentionally stepping in the puddles and possibly splashing people that are around. However you don't really care that much because the height of the splash or the depth of the water has preoccupied your mind.

I am such a kid sometimes, but I also think I can learn so much from them. I remember one time a little boy was looking at the sky and he proceeded to tell me very enthusiastically that God painted a dragon in the sky. But God did. Even if it was just for that one boy. He did. He painted the dragon.

Where has my enthusiasm gone to? Where can I find it? I want to find excitement in everyday things. I desire their imagination. I used to tutor a girl after school, and everyday we would pretend we were ninjas. Sometimes she hit really hard. but it was awesome. When is the last time you played ninjas? .. that is what I thought.

And think about it.. You can't be around a kid without laughing or smiling. They bring joy to your heart (even if you do not want it there.)

My prayer is this; that as we are growing up we do not allow ourselves to be too mature to find dragons in the sky, to pretend to be super hero's, or to color in coloring books. You are never too old for anything. (except maybe playing in the playpen at McDonald's. ) : )

"What else is love but understanding and rejoicing in the fact that another person lives, acts, and experiences otherwise than we do…?"
Friedrich Nietzsche